About our IT consulting services

Got computers? Got questions?

I can help. Whether you have all Macs or Macs in a mixed Windows-Mac environment, I can show you ways to solve problems, implement solutions and free you from the ongoing need to manage your computer infrastructure.

I have more than two decades’ experience as the senior systems administrator of Apple technology for a local major media company. From research to budgeting to rollout to user relations to tech support and “making it go,” I’ve done it all.

Now I’m eager to bring that knowledge into your small-business or home office to take the IT burden off your hands!

If you have mostly Mac OS X clients and Mac OS X Servers, and need help with printers, e-mail, file-sharing, backups, Mac apps, iPhone integration, Open Directory accounts, best practices, training, software updates, strategic planning, and someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m your guru.

If you are integrating Macs into a Windows-centric world, I can do Active Directory binding and help you optimize your file sharing.

Want someone to take a good look at what you’ve got and give you some help making it better? I’m your analyst.

Need to take your Mac network to the next level of reliability and redundancy? I can do that, and I can even tell you what that means.

About me: A rare geek who speaks plain English, I have a reputation for not messing things up or doing the unnecessary. I will document everything I do for you in terms your mom can understand. Trust me, I’m the Mac Doctor.

Every job is custom, so contact me and I’ll get back to you fast. I will look forward to hearing from you today!

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